Webster: Courage is defined as “Mental  or moral strength enabling one to venture, persevere, and withstand difficulty firmly and resolutely.”

What do you do that demonstrates courage as a Caregiver? For us, there are so many simple things that we do that are the bread of daily life that we can forget that is is enormously courageous to minister to another – to care for their wounds, their fears, their cares.  To wash them, manage the trip to the doctor, find the parking space, watch for symptoms, hold a hand that is scared, or helpless, or brave.

How do you define your courage, and do you see how very much of it you have? Do you give yourself the gift of recognition?

Do you acknowledge yourself in the midst of a heroic act of courage that looks like a person simply going about their day/

This is your Self-Care.  To be recognized.  To be known. To be seen for who you are – by you.

Take a deep breath of appreciation for your willingness to do what you do. Exhale, and be proud.

This is the Pilgrim’s Path

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