Harold David Fink:  “You owe no-one as much as you owe to yourself the action that opens for you the door to the goodness, the variety, and the excitement of effort and success.  This is the exact opposite of selfishness and pays your debt to society, that has made you what you are, by being first yourself with all your might, and as a matter of course.”

There was a time when I realized that the word responsibility could be divided into two parts.

Response.    Ability.

Response – ability is the ability to respond powerfully and appropriately to what is going on around you, and what you actually need.  It is the antithesis to dumbing it down or pretending it isn’t there.   It is your right. it is your duty.



and yet, we get confused and call it selfish.  What an error of judgement! What a danger to ourselves and others!

SelfCare is a response to our own needs, and a series of actions that demonstrate the ability to get it done.  Selfish is a misunderstood concept that has no place is the circle of care.  

This is the Pilgrim’s Path

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