The Oak and the Reed


From Aesops Fables:

Once there was a proud Oak tree that got torn up by a storm.  The Oak asked the flexible Reed how it came to be still standing.  “I secure myself by a conduct that is the reverse of yours” said the reed. “I yield and bend to the wind knowing it is fruitless to resist.”

As Caregivers we have so many rules that can literally mean life or death – comfort or discomfort – opportunity or error.

We are pushed toward the way of the Oak – strong but relentless and often rigid.

The reed existts in all circumstances, even in yours.

How can you be more like the reed today.  How can you let it be.  Rest your have-tos.  Quiet your comments.  Stop working it so hard…

Sometimes we can align with a way to get through and it will not be THE way or MY way but A way, and it will be enough…

This is the Pilgrim’s Path

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