The Power of NO


I am sure you have heard that Einstein said – “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” So to is this true in SelfCare.

Dr. Bowen White wrote a book “No is a Complete Sentence”  I don’t even remember reading the contents, but i can attest to the power of a single sentence to change your thinking and therefore your life! “NO” is a complete sentence.

We think we must assign cause to our decisions.  It makes them more palatable.  I am doing this be-cause.  I am saying this be-cause.  and the be-causes can become so powerful that they eclipse even the tiniest voice toward selfcare and the internal demands of life.

If you look closely you will se we make up be-causes most of the time.  We assign something outside of ourself..I am late because of the traffic.  Well why not give yourself more time? Because I live in NY and it’s always traffic. What lies under that defense? all the way down to why must you live in NY? Now were getting somewhere.  Now we will pique the real demands of the unexamined self.  Be-cause I must…and because I want…  because i am afraid …because I always have…because change is too big for me right now, and I will use my be-causes to avoid it…            SelfCare requests change.  SelfCare requires that you dive deep inside yourself and know the choice is yours.  We begin today with the power of NO. Once that is secure, you can fully live into your “Yesses”  yes I will come there.  yes I will help.  Yes I will gladly take care. Yes I will be on time. It is not one or the other, but both. 

This is the Pilgrim’s Path.

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