Your Myth


C.G. Jung   “I asked myself “what is the myth you are living? and found that I did not know…I took it upon myself to get to know my myth and I regarded this as the task of tasks…”

Your myth.  Your myth…

We all have an image we look up to and eventually we live into it too.

Some of us live into the myth of being a super hero, (I must do it all)

an indispensable helper, (I am the only one)

a lonely evangelist, (none understands)

aThere is always an element of truth or it wouldn’t seem so real.  But is it? really?

Take a few moments to just ask yourself the question “what is my myth”, and see if, once you name it, if it doesn’t show a more malleable face than when you call it “the truth.”

As you release yourself from the ties that bind, feel a sense of light entering the cracks in the structure of “have to” and “must do.” Take a deep breath, and relax.

This is the Pilgrims Path

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